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GSA Schedule GS-03F-001DA

Multiple Award Schedule:

  • 33721P – Packaged Office Furniture

  • 541614CF - Comprehensive Furniture Management Services

  • 541614OR - Relocation / Installation

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JPL holds letters of supply and teaming agreements with several healthcare and furniture manufacturers and through teamwork with manufacturer’s dealership network delivers complete turnkey solutions to their customers.

  • Individual Workstations, Private Offices, Desks, Collaborative Furniture, Boundary Screens

  • Performance Work Chairs, Executive Seating, Multi-Use/Guest Chairs, Stacking Chairs, Stools, Lounge Seating, Public Seating, Bench Seating, Outdoor Seating

  • Conference Tables, Sit-to-Stand Tables, Training Tables, Dining Tables, Occasional Tables, Outdoor Tables

  • Vertical Files, Storage Towers, Storage Cases, Powered Storage, Bookcases, Pedestals, Lateral Files

  • Monitor Supports, Laptop Mount, Tablet Mount, CPU Supports, Keyboard Supports, Logic Power Access Solution, Power/Data Support, Wall-Mounted Technology, Task Lights, Work Tools

  • Guest Center, Message Center Parallel-Writing, Tack & Mirror Panels, Infection Prevention Centers, Wall Mounted, Freestanding & Mobile Cart

  • Wireless Synchronized Time & Emergency Mass Notification (EMN), Digital & Analog Clocks

  • Wardrobes, Coat Trees/Racks, Coat Hooks

  • Shelving & Storage Systems, Presentation & Display Rails

  • Mobile AV Media Support Products, Hospitality & File Carts, Easels, MultiMedia Furniture

  • Magazine/Newspaper/Literature Racks, File/Chart Holders

  • Showcase Display Systems

  • Visual Communication Collection/Centers

541614CF Comprehensive Furniture Management Services

JPL Project Management Services provides comprehensive support for the design, reconfiguration, relocation, increasing or downsizing office spaces and similar facilities. We work with our clients to determine space forecasting and building analyses. We provide interior design and configuration of existing office assets as well as 2 and 3 dimensional drawings.

  • Develop project management plan and implementation strategies, which identify all significant issues related to the project

  • Partner with client and manage interior design process to ensure it meets clients requirements

  • Develop and manage the phasing of the reconfiguration project

  • Assist in preparing the budget requirements for the furnishing and equipment acquisition, delivery, and installation

  • Manage logistics of interior renovations and furniture installation

541614OR Relocation/Installation:

JPL provides all the services required for the reorganization and consolidation of existing facilities, and/or opening new facilities.

  • Scheduling and monitoring the project work coordinating with architecture, engineers, telecommunications specialist, vendors and renovation trades people

  • Developing furniture reuse plans

  • Coordinating the move and managing post-move resolution

  • These services are provided and completed with maximum cost efficiency and minimum business disruption

  • The existing and new location information is tracked in our system, which can be manipulated to provide reports to develop and accurate furniture inventory and tagging for move purposes

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