Our Approach

Over the past 30 years, JPL & Associates project management and technical resources have been used for projects that varied in size, scope, schedule, and geographic location. Our service delivery remains constant, and our clients benefit from this continuity. Our ability to formulate clear goals and objectives with a logical base plan achieves timely and cost effective results.

JPL routinely completes office facilities and furnishings projects ranging in size from three workstations to over one thousand workstations. The services we provide include development of workstation design standards, creation of installation documents from existing space plans, as well as preparation of product evaluations and specifications with CAD generated installation drawings.

JPL fields a team of trained and insured installers to handle all reconfigurations. This allows JPL to manage projects from their inception through to final inspection and customer acceptance.

JPL offers a complete spectrum of services that assist customers with development of their product specifications and furniture consultation services. Our experience includes renovation, consolidation and project relocation of all sizes.

JPL employees work with customers to determine a scope of work and to define a course of action that helps to assure the desired outcome. JPL ensures that all products are delivered to the job site in an acceptable and fully operational condition within the time frames specified. JPL works to fulfill all technical specifications and terms and conditions of each project. All deliveries and installations are prioritized and coordinated with all parties involved. JPL diligently prepares and maintains all records and documentation appropriate for project administration and assists in any dispute/resolution issues.

Having executed over $170M and almost 3,000 government transactions in the past 12 years, JPL & Associates knows what it takes to serve those who serve our country, whether in military or civil service. JPL is flexible to adjust to your needs, while understanding and implementing your requirements. Our business centers around making your projects successful and low risk.

Meet Our Team

Executive Leadership

Katerina Polen - VP of Finance & Compliance

941-928-0160 (mobile)
941-918-1163 ext. 204 (office)

Kristyna Lannon - VP of Design, LEED A.P.

Licensed Interior Designer: ID5584
941-918-1163 (office)

Scott Christian - VP of Operations & Strategy 

941-918-1163 ext. 205 (office)

Project Management Team

Joan Murciano - Project Specifier


941-918-1163 ext. 207 (office)

941-914-2385 (Mobile)

Christy Amato - Senior Project Coordinator 
941-918-1163 ext. 206 (office)

Leah Parsons - Project Coordinator
941-918-1163  ext. 208 (office)

Bryanna Connors - Project Coordinator
941-918-1163 ext. 209 (office)

Paula Spano - Project Coordinator


941-918-1163 ext. 203 (office)