Community Involvement



  • PhotosForVets is a group of disabled Vietnam combat veterans who donate vivid scenic photographs to hospitalized veterans. They photograph the scenes, produce the prints, and place the vet's choice of photo from their collection on foam board, suitable for placement on the wall or ceiling of a hospital room. Their  sublime imagery brings, they intend, a sense of aesthetic shock and awe to the life of the veteran.  

Guide Dogs:

  • Celebrating their 25th Anniversary, and graduating over 2,250 student/guide dog teams, Southeastern Guide Dogs success depends entirely on the support of the community. The average cost for the school to train a guide dog is $40,000. A contribution of $2,500 affords the benefactor the reward of naming a guide dog. Volunteers’ efforts are invaluable to everyone involved. To educate children & adults, Jimmy and Rusty make special appearances at Middle/High Schools, and various community centers about his vision impairment and his special relationship with Guide Dog, Rusty.


  • Member of The Venice Sailing Squadron, organized in 1973, promotes sailing, seamanship and navigation. It is among the most active sailing organizations in the area.  

Military Order of the Purple Heart:

  • Jimmy is a Life Member of Military Order of the Purple Heart, local chapter Port Charlotte, FL. Purple Hearters participate in Veterans Administration Voluntary Services (VAVS), Veterans Service Officer training and program, Honor Guard, veterans’ presentations at local schools, veterans legislative initiatives, joint activities with other veterans organization, fund-raising drives, and many other patriotic and fraternal activities. Mr. Lannon was awarded Purple Heart for his military services in Vietnam.


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